THE ABERDARES are a beautiful mountain range in the central highlands of Kenya, for the most part, over 3000m (10, 000ft) in altitude. Within the heart of these mountains is the Aberdares National Park, a magical place of dense forest, and misty moorlands, where icy rivers plunge in glorious cascades and waterfalls.

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This area is rich in wildlife. Amongst a variety of mammals more commonly seen are elephant, buffalo, rhino, forest-hog, colobus and Sykes monkeys and a wide variety of antelope including the legendary and rare bongo. Birdlife is abundant and varied. 200 species have been recorded, perhaps the most conspicuous group of which is the sunbirds. Birds of prey such as the crowned eagle, mountain buzzard and African goshawk are of special interest. A game viewing drive, possibly en route to Treetops or the Ark, is a worthwhile inclusion.

ABERDARE COUNTRY CLUB – A romantic, quiet and relaxing getaway with a game sanctuary. Guests stay in cozy grey stone cottages nestling among lush gardens.

THE ARK – An architectural masterpiece standing high above ground in a secluded forest glade where viewing of wildlife takes place at close range. Not recommended for children.

TREETOPS – Overlooking water-holes and a salt lick, this is a functional lookout lodge solely dedicated to game viewing at close range.

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