Tanzania Tours and Safaris

Tanzania Tours and Safaris

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and is known for its vast wilderness areas. The north east is mountainous and densely forested and the central region consists of a large plateau of plains and arable land. The country’s coastline extends 800 kilometres/500 miles along the Indian Ocean. A major city in Tanzania with easy access to the most popular safari parks is Arusha in the north east. Tanzania’s highest point is Mount Kilimanjaro at 5900 metres/19,350 feet in height. Its official languages are Swahili and English. It is interesting to know that 40% of the country is considered a protected area for conservation with 16 existing national parks. 

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East Africa’s iconic landscapes are all part of a safari in Tanzania: millions of wildebeest streaming across the Serengeti, the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro and the perfect volcanic caldera of the Ngorongoro Crater where, in the surrounding Ngorongoro Conservation Area, huge concentrations of game co-exist with pastoral Masai herdsmen.
Other highlights on a Tanzania safari include the smaller national parks such as Tarangire and Manyara in the north, which have a special charm all of their own, and Mahale where populations of chimps swing and shriek amongst the forest canopy on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. If you would prefer to safari in Tanzania away from other people, head south to the Selous Game Reserve, flanking the mighty Rufiji River, or the national parks of Katavi or Ruaha, where you will rarely see another vehicle and big game outnumbers visitors many times over.
At the end of your Tanzania safari you can fly to the idyllic offshore islands of Zanzibar, Mnemba or Mafia, where unbeatable white sandy beaches and tropical coral reefs take center stage.

Why should you travel to Tanzania?
The vast majority of visitors who travel to Tanzania of course come to experience the amazing wildlife that can be seen while on a Tanzania safari. Thousands of wild animals and tropical birds make Tanzania their home. With its wide plains, dense forests, majestic mountains and shimmering lakes, the visitor can be spoiled for choice in both animal and bird life viewing. Most safaris are undertaken in vehicles with around 8 passengers and an experienced game tracker/guide who is also the driver. There are several types of accommodation to choose from on a Tanzania safari – lodges, tented camps and resorts. Tanzania has a large number of wildlife parks

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