Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

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Serengeti National Park is possibly the most renowned Tanzania safari park, stretching north to Kenya and bordering Lake Victoria to the west. The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai language meaning ‘endless plains’. It is also well known for its animal migration which takes place twice a year. Nearly one million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras move from the northern hills to the south every October and November during the short rains. They then move toward the west and north from April to June. Nowhere on earth is there a sight to rival the spectacle of hoofed animals on the march. Serengeti has the highest concentration of large mammals on this planet and is famous for its lions, the highest concentration found anywhere. Apart from the big five (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino), one can view the majority of other well-known species of animals on a Serengeti safari tour.
For birdwatchers, early and late daylight hours are usually the best times to observe the more than 518 species of birds which have been identified in the Serengeti. 

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