Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

The mountain that named a country, Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain and the second largest in Africa after Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain is about 150 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Over 10,000 people visit the park each year to see the site.

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The mountain formed around 3 million years ago and the highest peak is named Batian at 5,199 meters high. Around 715 km2 around the mountain has been protected in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Mount Kenya National Park.

The reason for the protection was to conserve the area’s biodiversity, increase tourism to the area, and to protect the scenic beauty of the mountain and surrounding habitats.
There are a total of three major peaks in the central area and 12 remaining glaciers lay on the mountains, which are all receding. The habitats included in the park contain a number of animals, such as elephants, buffalo, zebra, and rhino.

Climbers are increasingly turning to Mount Kenya for their African climbing experience as Kilimanjaro becomes too crowded. Not only will you escape the crowds, but the mountain can offer more interesting scenery with the many different lakes and a higher diversity of animals and plants to see en-route.

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