Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park

Positioned in the Rift Valley, Amboseli National Park is just southeast of Nairobi and is the second most popular protected area in Kenya after the Masai Mara National Reserve. One of the best places to see wild elephants, the Amboseli National Park is a world famous protected area among wildlife lovers and safari goers. The park covers 39,206 hectares and is located across the Kenya-Tanzania border.

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The park is world famous for how easy it is to see wild African elephants, but there is a lot more to see here. The park provides great opportunities to see different iconic African animals, including the elephants, buffalo, impala, kudu, wild dogs, lions, cheetahs, wildebeest, hyena, zebra, and giraffes. Not only mammals, Amboseli is home to around 400 different species of birds, including kingfishers, raptors, and pelicans.
In addition to incredible wildlife safaris, the park provides a great cultural experience where you can meet some of the Maasai and visit a traditional village. Of course, this is also a fantastic place to see the world-famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

As the world’s highest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro is the jewel in the park and makes a fantastic backdrop while on safari, which is actually located just across the border in Tanzania.
The habitats to enjoy in the park include savanna grasslands, wetlands, and woods. The scenery of the park is incredible and although the mountain itself can be obscured with could cover, the mountain often reveals itself at dawn and dusk. You will have some fantastic wildlife experiences within the park and you can choose to explore the park on game drives, horseback rides, and walking safaris. There are a number of fantastic lodges in the park, including some very comfortable luxury options.

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