About the The Kidepo Valley National Park

The Kidepo Valley National Park is one of Uganda’s most beautiful national parks and is an enjoyable spot for nature lovers. The Kidepo Valley National Park is the most isolated national park in entire Uganda. Although it happens to be amongst the best virgin places, all tourists that love wildlife should visit in Uganda. This national park is definitely among the best wilderness areas in Africa and was also rated as the second-best Safari destination in Africa on CNN.

The Kidepo Valley National Park occupies a landmass of about 1,442 square kilometers and has an altitude range of 914m and 2,750m above sea level. Also, the park is 520km away from Kampala, which is the country’s capital. This national park was established in 1962, and ever since then, it has grown to be a source of an unforgettable safari experience for tourists.

This beautiful national park is home to over 77 mammal species and 475 bird species. In this park, several activities get tourists excited and also places worth seeing, and these would be discussed.

Game drive

This park is a famous safari game drive destination in Uganda and has different games. With over 80 mammal species in the Karamoja region, tourists get a chance of seeing a wide range of them. Some animals that can be seen on the national park are lions, cheetah, leopard, maneless zebras, kudus, buffalos, Oryx, gazelle, elephants, giraffes, elands, roan antelopes, striped hyenas, jackals, hyenas, zebras, reedbucks, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, Nile crocodiles, duikers and many others.

Getting a ranger to take you around is the perfect way for tourists to enjoy this area. Tourists can choose to go on a walk to see nocturnal creatures. This experience is one of the best tourists can get anywhere in the world.

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve

In other to make your visit to the park more memorable, it is nice that you get to see the Matheniko Wildlife Reserve. This wildlife reserve is 1,520km2 and is in the southeastern part of Kidepo valley national park. Animals such as cheetah, buffalos, leopards, roan antelope, lesser kudu, elands, serval cats, mountain reedbuck, topi. Wildcats, Bright’s gazelle, blue duikers, Bohor reedbuck, striped hyena, waterbucks, jackals, Ugandan kobs, Oribi, spotted hyenas, civets, common duikers, Olive baboons, Patas monkey, and vervet monkeys can be seen here.

Also, beautiful bird species such as the black-headed plover, thick-billed honeyguide, Verreaux’s Eagle, Egyptian vulture, Ethiopian swallow, Pygmy falcon, Clapperton’s francolin, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, the Mountain Yellow Warbler, the Hartlaub’s Turaco, and the Red-billed Ox-pecker, can be found here.

Nature walks

Almost every part of this park has something that would interest tourists, but it takes walking around to get a better picture of the park’s beauty. While undergoing nature walks in this park, areas such as the Lamoj hills, Namamukweny valley, and Apoka are worth exploring.


Due to the high number of bird species around the park, birding is a worthwhile activity that would engage and interest tourists.

Mount Morungole

This mountain, which happens to be the ancestral home of the IK people, covers most of the southern Kidepo valley national park. It is a perfect spot for hikers but requires more physicality. Also, tourists can take beautiful photos from this area, and it is possible to take a picture of the entire Kidepo valley national park from here.

In summary, the Kidepo valley national park is an excellent place to see and provides tourists with the best safaris experience. The best time to visit this place is during the dry season, and this is because most animals would always be on the move looking for water. But for bird lovers, the best time to visit is during wet seasons.

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